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Madelaine Shaw-Wong's speculative fiction/dystopian horror/political satire, Quietus, is a near-futuristic tale of a dictatorship whose method of population control includes euthanasia. 

Madelaine Wong is the co-author of Cradling the Past, a Biography of Margaret Shaw, the story of an Alberta woman growing up during the Great Depression.

Madelaine is currently writing a speculative/historical fiction in her book-under-construction: Yin Yang Eyes, the story of a teenage girl with special abilities growing up in Borneo during WWII. 

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What happens when too much power is placed in the hands of a few corrupt individuals? The country of Covona has come under the control of a dictator. After their bitter defeat in the war against Solime, Aura Zarling builds a wall between the two countries. She promises to make Covona strong and pure, and free of dysfunctionals. Restrictions on euthanasia are abolished. Quietus becomes law.

Dr. Piter Dram is blind to the destructiveness of Aura’s regime. He becomes a victim of his own greed and egoism. 

News reporter Tresha Farwell fights for human rights with an underground network. She must call upon all her strength and resilience to resist the tyrant that has taken over the country, especially now that her son, a boy with Down’s syndrome, is labeled a dysfunctional.

What separates democracy from dictatorship? The insidiousness of evil encroaches all too easily when guards are dropped.

This book captures the history of human atrocities and boils it down to bite-sized and relatable bits.

- J.J. Reichenbach, author of book series Nix and Notorious Nix

                                                 Due for release: November 14, 2017

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Cradling the Past, a Biography of Margaret Shaw

Nose Hill Publishing

A taste of Canadian history from the perspective of one individual. It is the story of a generation of people to who endured much hardship to make Alberta and Canada what it is today.

Flee the Rising Sun

A chapbook published by Freefall Magazine

Borneo, December, 1942. The Japanese invade the island. A Chinese teenage girl and her family are forced to flee into the jungle. A story that will be continued in the soon to be released novel, Yin Yang Eyes.

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Quietus Book launches: 
Calgary - Owl's Nest, Nov. 14/17 7:00pm
Edmonton - Audrey's Books, Nov 18/17 2:00 pm