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About the Author

Madelaine Wong is the co-author of Cradling the Past, a Biography of Margaret Shaw.

Not to be confined to one genre, Madelaine writes historical fiction in her book-under-construction: Yin Yang Eyes, the story of a teenage girl growing up in Borneo during WWII. 

Madelaine has also completed and will soon release a speculative fiction/political satire entitled Quietus, a near-futuristic tale of a dictatorship whose method of population control includes euthanasia. 

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Cradling the Past, a Biography of Margaret Shaw

Nose Hill Publishing

A taste of Canadian history from the perspective of one individual. It is the story of a generation of people to who endured much hardship to make Alberta and Canada what it is today.

Flee the Rising Sun

A chapbook published by Freefall Magazine

Borneo, December, 1942. The Japanese invade the island. A Chinese teenage girl and her family are forced to flee into the jungle. A story that will be continued in the soon to be released novel, Yin Yang Eyes.

Short stories published:

Escape from Batu Lintang - Copperfield Review
Thirsty - Dark Gothic Resurrected
Tracy's Braids - Toska Magazine
Cloak of Invisibility - The Shy Anthology
Uprooted - Bella On-line Review
A Gift from my Father - 50 Word Stories
At the Nursing Home - 50 Word Stories

Soon to be published:

It is the year 2020. The fictional country of Covona 

comes under the control of a tyrant and the privileged elite.  


Dr. Piter Dram works in a clinic caring for the poor, but has dreams of a better life. When the ruling party, AZEN, starts to euthanize elderly 

and handicapped citizens, Piter Dram finds himself drawn into a life he never imagined. He begins a descent into the dark world of euthanasia, eugenics and human medical experimentation.

Tresha Farwell, a news reporter,  becomes part of 

the propaganda machine, but  tries to help oppressed citizens through the illegal and secretive organization, Human Rights for All. 

Piter practices Quietus on his patients, releasing them from the stresses and pain of existence, to his own detriment. 

Covona is a country filled with cruelty, betrayal and terror, the result of a society losing its conscience.

                                                                                       Due for release: 2017